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About Clapp Studios

We are a Baltimore based wedding photography business with an incredible passion for life and love, and here at Clapp Studios we specialize indocumenting the emotional moments that add meaning to our customers and their families lives.

As a company, we know what it means to have dreamt of wanting the perfect day as well as the emotional roller coaster of the wedding process.

We rely on that experience to do our part to make your photography experience amazing.

Our approach to photography is natural and relationship-oriented; we love to get to know our clients long before putting them in front of the lens.

Our focus is on YOU. Our goals are to create a special vision together with you, and immortalize the bonds, emotions, and moments that can’t be re-lived or replaced.

Beautiful photographs are emotional moments frozen in time for you to remember and revisit with family, friends, or a quiet moment alone - andwhether in here in Maryland or at a destination miles away,  we strive to create images that will be cherished for generations.


Thank you for considering us to be a part of the rest of your life...


~ Kenny Clapp



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